Concrete Contractor is located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We are experts in:

  • concrete driveway construction and repair
  • cement sidewalks
  • garage slabs and foundations
  • deck footings and complete construction
  • Home additions including dormers, room additions

We will also complete the project by:

  • Removing the forms and grading the yard. Re-seeding the lawn. (upon request)
  • Building the garage. Framing, siding, roofing.
  • Complete construction of the deck. Three season porches.
  • Adding room additions to the existing home for extra floor space. We build them complete starting with the concrete foundation, framing, roof trusses, siding, roofing, sheathing, heating and air conditioning, plumbing, bathroom additions, window and door installations.

Since 1985 Patrick Madison has been a carpenter in the Greater Cedar Rapids, Iowa area.
Completing a carpenters apprenticeship in 1997. That started paving the way for building construction. The schooling continued into the professional end of construction.
Patrick is now a Master Plumber, Journeyman HVAC-R, and Journeyman Carpenter.
Concrete Contractor is a DBA of Madison's Resurfacing LLC. The professional side of the business is Madison's Plumbing Heating and Cooling.
We look forward to hearing from you regarding your concrete projects.

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concrete approach being set up for forms

Let us add new concrete walkways. The concrete approach to your new garage serves a few different purposes. It should pull moisture away from the door.
The concrete should also make a clean transition when pulling into the bay.

concrete approach set up for a pour with rebar and rock

Rebar every two feet helps the cement sections from breaking apart. Thickened leading edge of the concrete slab will allow heavier objects to roll over it without damage to the border.

concrete driveway poured with cement and broom finished

Exterior concrete finishes usually will have a broom finish. After roughly 48 hours this approach will get cut into 5 foot pieces which will control cracking in the cement slab.
Concrete contractors out of Cedar Rapids can build your new dream garage today. As a contractor we take on the concrete, framing, plumbing, heating and cooling, electrical. You garage can have all of the comforts of home.
We pour slabs for garages, drive ways, sidewalks. As a concrete contractor Madison's will pour the walls for new additions.
The overhead door installation is handled all in house. Service doors, windows, roofing and siding is all performed by C and C.
Pouring the concrete driveway, garage slab, framing, sheeting, roofing, siding, windows and doors, garage over head door still all handled in house.

Wet and leaky basements? Concrete Contractor can water proof your old basement and make it a usable space again.
Trenching outside, cutting and trenching inside or simply pouring concrete to permanently get the moisture away from the house. Lots of options to rid moisture from the usable floor space.